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About us

The Clarendon Community Association (CCA) was formed, as a sub forum of the Town Hill Community Policing forum, 10 years ago as a result of an unprecedented spike in crime in the area. It currently represents the area from Taunton Road in the north; Timberline in the south; upwards from the Roberts Road bridge and everything in-between. Please read on for a host of community information.



Safety and security has always been a pressing issue in South African Communities. The establishment of ‘neighbourhood watch’ groups and other community fora to protect communities speaks volumes about people’s need to feel safe.

Community members in business


As a community, we support our local businesses and members. Whether these be businesses operating within the Clarendon area or members of the community with businesses outside of Clarendon. For these and a list of services or businesses recommended on the WhatsApp chat group, please click below.

Emergency Numbers (Using your mobile phone, click on the relevant number to make a call)



Town Hill Police Station

Magma Armed Response

Magma Security Control Room

Prestbury Police Station

Fire Brigade 24 Hours

All emergencies free

from cellphones

Msunduzi Electricity; Water & Sanitation; Roads & Transport 24 hours

ER24 Nationwide medical emergency

Netcare911 (Member or non)

Crime Stop

Mi7 National Ambulance 24x7 (60 Rosedale Road, Mountain Rise)

St Michael's Ambulance Service 24x7 (stand off at Athlone Circle)

For other important numbers you may need, click below.

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