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Magma Security

About Magma

Magma Security is managed by an experienced security professional, Shaheen Suleiman; who, before starting Magma, managed an alternative security company in South Africa. He then ventured to the United Kingdom where he furthered his studies in the security industry.

He formed a security service in London which included body-guarding celebrities and high profile business people; providing security officers; retail security and store detectives as well as undercover staff.


He returned to South Africa recognizing a demand for a professional, hands on security company. Using his skills and expertise from the UK, Magma was established as a result including Magma Security Guard Division; Magma VIP Protection (for high profile business people; celebrities; diplomats and government officials) and Magma Anti-Hijack and monitoring.


Shaheen has a pragmatic approach to his company and works closely with his staff and, ultimately, his clients. Magma Security is committed to a high level of service aimed at loss prevention and client security.


Magma offers the following services:-

  • Close protection service

  • Investigations

  • Farm watch

  • Technical, which includes maintenance; installation and assessment teams

  • Armed response; escorting and monitoring - domestic and commercial alarms; surveillance camera violations and unauthorized vehicle movement

  • Guarding - Commercial, Agricultural and Domestic

  • Security consulting - risk analysis; asset management and loss control

  • Magma vaults - an exclusive private vault providing an invaluable service. The security facility is equipped with cutting edge systems which are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Magma also have a specialized unit of 15 highly trained dogs, specializing in different fields including tracking human scent and drugs; attacking when necessary and crowd control. The dogs are used mostly in farm areas but also here in our suburbs. Due to some areas being surrounded by dense bush or forest, in the unfortunate event of suspects evading the Police or Magma Officers; the dog unit is then called on to track suspects. Thank you to the dog unit and to their ever loyal canine partners for your continued efforts in keeping us safe!


The Magma officers undergo intense training and testing before qualifying as armed response officers. Security aptitude tests are taken with a required minimum pass mark of 80%. SAPS criminal checks are done via the Criminal Records Centre to ensure the candidates have no criminal records or pending cases before they are employed.


The armed response officers are trained in tactical use of firearms; tactical approach of complaints and tactical and advanced driver training. Each armed response officer undergoes a physical fitness test to ensure he is physically fit and is able to produce a high standard of service delivery in diverse situations that he may encounter in the field and during the course of his tour of duty.

See below gallery for training photos. For a larger image, click on the photo.

Magma in Clarendon

Magma Security has been in the Clarendon area, patrolling our streets since June 2016. They continue to provide an excellent service within our area; the guards are dedicated, passionate and extremely professional and are acknowledged for their loyalty to our initiative and community at large. The Magma patrol vehicle has the capability to detect panic and alarm signals from contracted homes which significantly reduces response times should the need arise. It is important to bear in mind that the Magma Security Patrol's responsibility is limited to street security only, unless you are directly contracted to them for your personal home security.

We have a team of six armed response officers who have become permanent, familiar, friendly faces in the Magma vehicle patrolling our streets. These men are highly professional and extremely dedicated to Magma Security as well as to each and every one of our personal safety. Their performance and response to incidents has been phenomenal. They are immensely proud of the company and are absolute assets to Magma Security and the Clarendon Community.

Thank you, Magma Response Officers, for your continued efforts and professionalism in keeping Clarendon a safe, secure place to live!

Clarendon now boasts, arguably, the best in home and neighbourhood security in the city!

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