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Tips & advice on how to keep you and your home secure: -

The first effective barrier is a strong, sturdy wall or fence: -

A high wall or fence with lockable gates is highly recommended. Such a wall or fence will provide a physical barrier to intruders and will also allow dogs or other animals to move about freely on the property.

The South African Police Service recommends a fence as opposed to a wall due to the superior visibility that it provides. If your property borders an open area or conservancy, ensure that you have adequate fencing to deter intruders. Ensure that your gates are locked at all times and that any keys or access devices are not left lying around uncontrolled.

In addition to a wall or fence, you may find some of the following devices useful: -

  • Window bars

  • Security doors

  • Security gates

  • Razor wire

  • Additional locks on doors

  • Strengthened doors

  • Peepholes

  • Safety chains on doors

  • An effective intercom system between the home and the gate, front door or garage.

Alarm Systems

A modern and effective alarm system, preferably connected to an armed response company such as Magma Security, is absolutely essential for maintaining a secure home.

Panic buttons should be installed in a variety of different rooms to ensure that help can be called upon as quickly as possible. An alarm must also have the capability to warn the occupants of any intrusion into the house.

Here are some examples of alarm systems: -

  • Mechanical and / or electrical

  • Improvised systems

  • Threaded tins

  • Threaded pieces of iron

  • Gravel on window panes, pathways or around the home

  • Obstacles that make a noise when moved

  • Biological Systems…Dogs / Geese

Security Lights
  • Security lights around a house help improve the physical protection of a house.

  • Lights should face away from the home and must allow the occupants to use the windows without being observed from the outside.

  • Be aware of possible shadows and blind spots.

General Safety & Precautions Around the Home
  • Installation of CCTV cameras will help in early warnings against intruders.


  • Clear the areas of large shrubs or hedges around your gates and fencing, these act as hiding places for would be criminals.


  • Ensure your verge is clear of any bottles, cans and other litter.


  • Always ensure that your doors and windows are locked and secure when you are not home.


  • Never exit your home to investigate noises outside, notify the police or your alarm company.


  • Ensure inter-leading doors are locked when you’re away from home. This will impede free movement through the house by any intruders.


  • Large dogs serve as deterrents. At least one should always sleep in the house for your protection.


  • Get into the habit of not immediately falling asleep after switching off the lights. Remain awake for a while. You should not be visible in the bedroom from the outside when you are asleep.


  • Ensure that you are not visible to anyone outside your house when darkness falls and the lights are on. This will only serve to highlight your movements throughout your home.


  • Always keep a torch nearby and when you use it, make sure that you do not give away your position.


  • Identify relatively safe places in your home e.g. bathroom, toilet or storeroom. The fewer windows and doors these rooms have, the better.


  • Ensure that any tools or objects that can serve as weapons, e.g. spades, axes, picks, ladders, etc, are locked away when not in use.


  • Make sure that you vary your daily routine. A predictable routine leads to an increased chance of attack.


  • If you leave your home, inform someone of your trip, your destination, your route and your intended time of arrival.

  • Take note of any cars that may be following you on your return home. Rather drive passed your home until you know it is safe to return.

  • Don't stop in your driveway to wait for the gate to open. Rather park parallel to the driveway and slip in once the gate is open.


  • If you arrive home and find something suspicious, e.g. your dogs do not come to the gate, do not enter your home. Rather call the police or your armed response company to help you in checking your home.


  • Involve any employees you may have as they are part of the family. Show that their security is as important to you as your own.Reward your employees if they provide any information that proves useful in preventing a crime, especially if it’s a crime against you or your property. Keep copies of past and present employees’ identification documents.


  • Ensure that you do not employ anybody without a reference. This is particularly valid for casual employees.

  • Don't leave notes on your door such as "Gone shopping.."

  • Don't keep large amounts of cash at home.

  • Always store firearms in a safe that has been secured to two walls and the floor.

  • Check on neighbours’ activated alarms and barking dogs.

  • Maintain a good relationship with your neighbours so that you will be in a good position to support and help each other.

Access & Key Control
  • Do not allow strangers on your premises or in your house without having properly identifying the person, especially at night.


  • Implement proper key control measures.

  • Identify keys by means of codes instead of indicating in writing on labels to which gate / door access can be gained.


  • Keys to the safe must be kept on the person.


  • Never hide any keys in traditional places, such as in pot plants, under rocks or under doormats.


  • Keys in the keyhole on the inside of the front or back door should be turned to avoid easy removal.


  • Never allow strangers to handle keys or look at key numbers.


  • Change locks when keys are lost.


  • Insert barring devices in door locks.


  • Remove keys from doors when leaving.


There should be two systems for alternative back up: -

  • Telephone

  • Cellular phone

  • Have the telephone installed where it is easily accessible from anywhere in the house.


Inform your children not to give any indication that adult supervision is not available when they answer the phone.

Additional Tips
  • All valuables e.g. iPads, cellphones, laptops should be concealed and out of sight while sleeping or away from home.

  • Early warning measures, such as Roboguard, on pedestrian, driveway gates and in the garden are recommended.

  • Report any suspicious person/s or vehicles on the WhatsApp Security channels for Magma Security to follow up.

  • Report any faulty street lights in your immediate vicinity to the Security WhatsApp group or to 033 392 5029. A well-lit neighbourhood deters criminals.​

Tips when going on holiday
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  • Make sure your home looks occupied.​

  • Ensure your home is well lit-up inside and outside.


  • Use day / night globes and motion sensor lights outside.​

  • Put your inside lamps on automatic timers.

  • Ensure all outside doors; windows; garden sheds and garage doors are locked.​

  • Install deadbolts on all external doors, especially sliding doors.​

  • Suspend your subscriptions to newspapers etc and have a neighbour or friend collect your post to avoid it building up.​

  • Check your alarm is working properly and ensure it is armed when you leave.

  • Lock away spare remotes; house and car keys or leave them with a friend or family member.​

  • Inform your friendly neighbour you will be away.

  • Don’t advertise your holiday plans on social media. Rather share your fabulous holiday on your safe return home.

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