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Social Media Etiquette

The Clarendon Telegram Chat Group and the Telegram Security Group were set up for a very useful purpose and; being included on these groups is a privilege - not a right. Participation is voluntary and requires patience.


These guidelines will hopefully address any grey areas and keep any keyboard warriors out of trouble.


Keep the group relevant to community issues such as the following:-

* Street lights

* Electricity

* Fires

* Water leaks

* Lost dogs / cats / birds / rabbits

* Contact details of service providers which are not available on this website


* Extend any gratitude privately

* Don’t send data insensitive messages

* Do not have one-on-one conversations in the group. Private message rather

* Check your sources before posting unverified information

* Ensure that you have the correct recipient for the intended message


* Confrontational /insulting / condescending messages

* Graphic photos

* Opinions or grievances seeking a reaction

* Racism in any form

* Religious or political views

In the event of an emergency or should you require medical assistance, please contact ambulance services. All emergency details are available on the front page of the website.

Any consistent transgressions will, unfortunately, result in removal from the group to protect the relevance of the forum and spare the other group members from the unnecessary messages.

If you are in doubt, ask yourself .....


* Is this relevant?

* Is this necessary?

* Is this a good time to post?

The etiquette of social media interaction relies heavily on adult responsibility and respect.

If you are not able to say in person or display on a billboard what you are about to post, I would caution against putting it on social media!

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