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A message from our Ward Councillor, Ross Strachan

As a democratically-elected local representative, I have a unique and privileged position – and the potential to make a real difference to people's lives.

However, being a Councillor is hard work. Every day I will be expected to balance the needs of my local area (Wembley / Clarendon / Blackridge / Boughton / Lesterpark / Prestbury / Napierville / Signal Hill / Peacevalley 3); my residents and voters; community groups (CPF, Rate Payers' and "Friends of the Botanical Gardens); local businesses; your political party (if you belong to one) and the council. All will make legitimate demands on my time – on top of my personal commitments to family.

As a Councillor, I will have many different roles to balance. As the local elected representative, I engage with residents and groups on a wide range of different issues and take on an important community leadership role. At the council, I will contribute to the development of policies and strategies, including budget setting, and I am involved in scrutinizing council decisions.

A Councillor's primary role is to represent their ward or division and the people who live in it. I provide a bridge between the community and the council. As well as being an advocate for my local residents and signposting them to the right people at the council, I will always keep them informed about the issues that affect them.

Many issues have been driven in my term of office since August list a few: -


*Water interruptions

*Paying for Air not Water (2016)

*Fighting crime as a united front (CPF)

*Land invasion

*Recycling (Tariff)

*Billing crisis

*Irregular disconnections

*Service delivery

*Catalytic projects


Among many more**


My goal is to make sure that ALL who live within my area are supported with whatever challenges or needs they might have, and to make a significant difference in the plight of those who are experiencing social ills.

Ultimately, to place pressure on the Municipality to make sure my Community's needs are met, as best as I possibly can under the extremely harsh political environment.


Thank you to the Clarendon Community for always making my job easier and rewarding with the support you provide.

You have an amazing CCA Committee, with dedicated members; and your Chairperson, Rowan White who leads by example, is an asset to the community.

Big thanks to Pam Read, who is on my Ward Committee and is your ambassador for the area.


Please contact me directly for any issues you have regarding the Municipality. My contact details are: -


076 882 8101


Some useful information : -

For all of the below issues, please phone the Municipality call centre on 080 000 1868:or

087 655 5778 -

1. Faulty streetlights

2. Potholes

3. Water leaks / burst pipes

4. No water

5. No electricity

6. Fallen down trees

7. Broken electricity cables / ones sparking or on the ground / for burnt out connections

In case of disconnections, contact me via whats app.


TO CONTACT THE MSUNDUZI REVENUE CUSTOMER SERVICES, PLEASE USE THE EMAILS BELOW for statements only for meter reading submissions/queries for account queries/disputes or clarity seeking correspondence



Msunduzi Municipality account details:-

First National Bank

Account number: 50940058750

Branch Code: 257355

Any other details or information required, please contact me via email.

For the Msunduzi load shedding schedule, click here.

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