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Safety and security has always been a pressing issue in South African Communities. The establishment of ‘neighbourhood watch’ groups and other community fora to protect communities speaks volumes about people’s need to feel safe.

Statistics from Town Hill Community Policing Precinct show a general decline in criminal activity; however, statistics alone do not make for comforting realities! Vigilance within and the spirit of our community; together with the presence of Magma Security; ably supported by our neighbourhood patrols ensure that our area is not a viable target for criminals.

The Clarendon Community Association, through the contributing membership, has tackled and continues to work on a number of the following security initiatives: -




Fencing has been erected across the open area below the Villiers Drive lookout point - from the mosque to 23 Villiers Drive (restricting access from conservancy and valley below); the rear of Jacaranda Pre-Primary School up to the Mosque (restricting access from the valley below) and between 39 and 41 Villiers Drive (a previous entry point from the conservancy). The end of Voortrekker Road, the bend in Villiers Drive and the end of Dan Pienaar Road have been fenced off. The gates in Villiers Drive and Voortrekker Road are locked at sunset and unlocked at sunrise by the Magma guards.



Neighbourhood patrols continue sporadically, with observe and report responsibility, on selected nights and specific times based on crime statistics and we thank each patroller for your continued dedication and sacrifice in keeping our streets safe in the early hours of the morning. Click here for a list of the Community's dedicated patrollers. Should you wish to join the team, please use the Contact Us form.




Cameras have been installed at all entry and exit points to the neighbourhood, with SNIPR compatible Licence Plate Recognition technology. These screens every vehicle entering and exiting the neighbourhood through the SAPS data base, raising alerts to any vehicles listed as stolen or involved in criminal activity. Magma security bears oversight responsibilities of the system, together with selected residents.



The Security Groups are available to CCA members and the Magma guards are able to react to any alerts on these groups: -

Clarendon Security on Telegram - This is reserved for posting security and crime issues only.

Magma 24/7 on Whatsapp - This group is for all contracted Magma clients for direct communication with Magma management as well as the armed response officers in the event of an emergency.



Magma Security was tasked and financed to patrol our streets 24/7 since June 2016. More than 150 individual home owners, schools and businesses have chosen to contract Magma directly, accounting for approximately 30% of all the homes in the neighbourhood. Read more about Magma here.

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